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You are going to become one silly brainwashed slave, your mind is going to be under My control. Is your mind strong enough to withstand all of the brain washing that will be directed at you, or is it too weak, too susceptible to a bit of a power of suggestion?

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You see, the thing is, you need Me. You need Me to feed your addictions, your very well hidden subconscious cravings that once in a while surface up in your mind. And that, my dog, is exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to use your instant gratification for My own benefit. Mind control is my favorite play.

I will take away your mind my dog. Your ego becomes diminished, your needs become non-existent with the exception of more humiliation, more degradation, more deprivation, more and more. You made it this far with me for a reason I can explain the connection I feel with you! I feel it... I am now bringing you deeper!

Call me now and begin your transformation by becoming my owned property.

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How a Faggot Becomes Property Part 2

How a Faggot Becomes Property Part 3

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