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Dominant Master to deliver you to his shadows!

composer's blank sheet of music, a sculptor's clay always starts out raw and cold, a painter's canvas blank and white, But when He has her within his hands; warm to the touch, yielding to him and full of promise, more pliant than any clay or canvas. her blood beats hot from her heart, against her skin, warming to the touch, her submissive soul speaking out to Him; telling Him what she wants to be, begging to be what He desires. With His firm and gentle hands, He delivers her, molds her body, colors her soul, and presents her to the world. His perfect submissive, together, the melody of their lives plays out, and the journey goes onward. Each and every relationship is a new journey, a new beginning, a road forwhich to lead together. I believe that submission is a gift given by a special someone to a Dominant, a simple flower for which He or She has the responsibility to nuturing and tending to. It is not something to simply be beaten and abused, even though a solid flogging or whipping can be quite erotic, if done for the right reasons. The lifestyle is about two people joining together, in a relationship for which is much more deeper then that of a vanilla or regular relationship. It is a relationship built on respect, trust, honesty, love and obedience... that is simply my thoughts and feelings on what I am looking for as a Master. Dive into the fantasy of total control... Seek out and let go of your inner most fantasies and make them come alive. I offer a wide variety of Domination from Fantasy to Reality... Learn to suffer under a true Sadist, learn how to submit and surrender under a true puppeteer.. Just call and close your eyes... welcome to my world!