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Naughty Taboo Little Miss Ivy

I will never forget the night after I got my first client

I knew immediately I was in trouble.

There I was 20 something and nervous. No, actually I was scared shitless. I knew I had crossed a line on my very first day as a certified life/intimacy coach.

I knew there was no turning back after what I had done. New Jersey was progressive, but not progressive enough to NOT blacklist me after what I did… But I loved it so much…Maybe it was because it was so...bad… It was really bad...and yet I wanted more...of them BOTH… It’s been almost 15 years since that night, and I still remember the taste of their cum on my lips.

I was not a good life coach...I was a freshly fucked one.

“How did I get myself into this mess?” I pondered. I should have been asking how this mess got into me!

That mess was seeping out of me as I sat in my old Toyota...No soul outside of the three of us knows what happened that day. I want to change that.


So, maybe now you know why a woman like me would find herself here.

I must tell the truth about myself and my appetite. I must find others like me who have very “outside of the norm” sexual desires. I will tell you a bit more about me if you promise to do the same when we are on the line together.

I am a divorced educated homebody who loves to do things “women like me” should never think of doing. I have a surprising edge to me that one would not expect just by glancing at me in Kroger.

People think I’m meek and shy until they hear me speak. My New Jersey accent is a bit different for people in the south.

I have so many sides that I shock myself at times.

One side wants to listen to you and help you with your life. (Yes, I am still a life coach; I did not get caught. I will tell all once you give me a call.) The other side wants to use it against you in a way that suites me…

Who knows what side you will bring out of me? It could be the soothing woman who wants to be your longtime companion, the submissive side, or the dominant one.

I guess there is only one way to find out...You know exactly what to do to make it happen. If you want some amazing “Anything Goes Phone Sex” with someone who can actually engage you on all levels while making sure you get off like never before, you need to give me a call.

When you call me, be sure to ask for Gabi. Oh yea, bring all of your secrets with you...they are super safe with me.