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Suzie Moore

I know how to make bottoms red

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I am a housewife without a husband! Throughout my marriage I consistently practiced and implemented domestic discipline it was a way to keep my household running smoothly and to keep the man of house focused on what he should be doing. I am a strong believer in domestic discipline when men do not take care of their household responsibilities. The best way to correct this bad behavior is a spanking with my wooden hair brush. I strongly believe in that wooden boar hair brush on my dresser it is reminder of what is expected of you. I know how to give spankings to bad boys that do not behave. Whether that spanking is over my knee or you standing up gripping the four poster bed that we sleep in every night.

When we are out and about and you are disrespectful that well worn leather belt around my waist will give you a good ole fashion belt spanking. I believe in the pervasive power of the belt it knows how to change behavior from unacceptable to acceptable. I have no issues with pulling down your pants and your underwear to give you a bare bottom spanking. There is something cleansing about spanking you till you feel the pain of all those bad boy welts on your bottom.

When you forget to take care of those people closest to you that is when I will send you out to cut your own switch for a whipping. I have a willow in my yard that is always ready to lend a switch or two. I know the neighbors are watching, but you were very bad and need to be spanked hard. I am certain there are a number of men in the neighborhood who completely understand what is happening to you and why. It is my duty to make sure you know right from wrong and I will spank you until you cry and your bottom is very red. If you keep spoiling your dinner I will get the wooden spoon out and bend you over the kitchen counter. I work hard to make sure everything that goes into your body is healthy if you are under minding my work then you must be reminded of how much I put into you and this household. I understand that boys no matter what their age need a spanking to keep them in line. It is good for you, your health, and our household.

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