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The Muscle Controls You

I'm 280 pounds of Alpha Muscle with the physical strength to toss you across the room and the mental power to break your will with a simple glance. Try to resist or don't try. It makes no difference. Take a look around you at your favorite possessions and remember this moment. Soon you will offer them all to me with the hope of experiencing the pleasure that only my attention can bring. Once I take control, I will begin to teach you the Alpha Muscle Rules. I will refer to you by a number which I will assign you. You will beg to be trained by me in hopes of serving and earning a name.

Whether you're a weak submissive or a corporate executive that's used to being in control, the results will be the same. You are powerless. I dwarf the largest guy you've seen at your gym and I enjoy knowing that even he dreams of having me flex one of my 23-inch biceps in his face. All eyes are on me wherever I go and I smile knowing that I can have anyone or anything I desire.

I enjoy being creative and toying with you. I explore a wide variety of fetishes and role play and will teach you to crave more. I was born to own and control you and I know it's just a matter of time until you call to submit.

My cam sessions will remove all doubt in those of you who can't believe I am the real thing. Call me and then protect your screens and laptops as I don't want them covered in your cum when you offer them to me.