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MONEY SLAVES Submit to My Hypnotic Control

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Hypnotic and sweetly dominant.

Fall under my spell.

You'll be unable to resist and left without a will, but accepting mine.

My Deep Trance and Erotic Hypnosis is addicting.

The real deal. You've been warned.

You are reading this perhaps because you were curious of what I offer as a findom mistress. Or perhaps you're more than just curious. You know that you have a fetish. You maybe have a compulsion. A craving even. You know what you want, and that's what led you here. Your desire to be used, or be useful. You have this need and desire already inside of you. You were drawn to click on this listing because deep down, you already know your truth. You are a hopeless Money Slave. It's just what you are. Before you even DARE to call me, you already know and accept this about yourself. That's right.

I am a highly skilled hypnotist. Know this before you call me. You are choosing to submit to me financially dominating you. If you are unsure about doing it, know that calling me is a risk you take. No one is forcing you to call. But you know you will. You know you want to. These desires are already in you, before you even call.

Can you help yourself? Do you even want to? Really ask yourself this before you call. Don't cry or whine about it later and say you were wickedly hypnotized and that I took advantage of you. Don't blame me for being pathetically weak. You know exactly what you're getting into by calling me.

If you are struggling and have an addiction to being financially dominated, that is a real problem and you need help. As a skilled hypnotist, I can certainly help. However, if you want to seek help with your addiction, I advise you to call my other phone lines to ask for that help for your addiction.

By calling me on this listing, are you are making a conscious choice. By calling this line you make the choice to risk becoming HELPLESS to me. By calling, you are fully aware you chance losing all control. By calling this line, you subject yourself to my hypnosis and being mind fucked. By calling, you accept these risks and know FULLY how easy it would be for me to make you my MONEY PIG or MONEY SLAVE.

You want to be a FINANCIAL SLAVE. You want to be USED, or be useful to me. For some of you, being useful to me can give your life a better sense of purpose or at least more meaning. Some of you know you are not worth my time. You this and know need to make yourself worthy to me. It's just a fact about yourself that you know and accept. I understand.



You know it's what you NEED TO DO, and what I DESERVE.


Don't be foolish. My sexy voice can be so sweet, but also dominant and demanding. My hypnotic voice can render you powerless and completely weak.

If you were just curious when you started reading this, I'm sure you will be curious enough to call and you will call because everything I said about you is right.

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I'm a Erotic Recording Artist and a popular online Hypnodomme.

My videos go viral with over 4 million views. That's right. Want to know why? Call to find out.

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