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Many people have a lot of questions in life that can be hard to find answers for. Either there is no one to ask or it's just very complicated. Pendulum readings and tarot readings can help tremendously with this. Please read on --

Feedback From Callers
"Real. Honest. Knows her craft. No way a fake, if you truly want a reading, answers, call now. Great find..."

Tarot Readings Having a rough patch in life and wondering what's going on? Maybe you have something specific that you've been thinking about and would like more insight on. Tarot cards can help you with almost any questions you might have from love to wealth, health, and more.
If you aren't exactly sure what you'd like to ask the cards or this is your first reading, you can request a "Truth Teller," which is a 3 card draw of what is happening in your life right now and what you need to do to fix it or keep doing to keep things going well. Any subject may come up in this kind of reading. If you have something that you would like to focus on, I can do a special spread exactly for that.
The best thing to do during a reading is to clear your mind and focus on what you are asking about. Sometimes, if you have something bigger going on, this is what the cards will tell me about, instead of the question you've actually asked. This is usually a very good thing and may tell you what you need to work on in order for your actual question to come to manifestation.

Pendulum Readings: Pendulums are small to large crystals of many different kinds on a steel chain tipped with a bead. They work and move by using the energy of the user. I use a Clear Quartz Crystal which helps in clarity, purity and protection. Pendulums are instruments of divination that can be used to increase clarity in a psychic reading or used directly to answer unclear questions for the user or another person.
The user must gain permission from the person wanting to reading in order to proceed. Questions about life, work, money, any situation can be asked. Vague questions of love can be asked, however questions about a specific person may not be asked without their explicit permission.
Example: Will I fall in love? This is an acceptable question.
Example: Will (insert name) fall in love with me? This is not an acceptable question as we do not have permission from the third person.
Pendulums can also be used to figure out dates, times, years, birthdays, dates of death, finding a lost item, ailments, and many other things using a book of charts that the pendulum hovers over to read.. It is also possible to find out information about a presence in your home, however; these are not always accurate unless in the home.
Please send me a message if you would like a list of all of the charts that are available.

Therapy: I offer therapy sessions for a variety of issues; substance abuse, life counseling, financial troubles, marriage counseling, anxiety, addictions, and many more areas. I will always lend a kind ear to whatever it is that you need to speak to me about.

Meditation: I do meditation sessions by speaking softly and slowly and helping your body relax. These sessions are very easy and do not require you to speak to me if you do not want to. I will walk you through resting your mind and body and relaxing yourself through hypnotic induction. These sessions are usually a minimum of 15 minutes long and are best experienced before bed or after a long day when you're finally home for the night and ready to kick back. Do NOT call for a meditation session while driving, on break at work, or before needing to go out and be productive. These sessions are very relaxing and usually cause drowsiness.

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