Phone Sex

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I know the truth and so will you. I am superior, you are not. I am entitled by virtue of me being a Straight, Alpha male with an oversized cock and balls. You are by nature weak, passive and subservient.

I'm not merely here to extract money from your wallet - I seek to spread the truth and clarify the line between me and you. It sickens me that you walk around most of the day, feeling content and productive and only behind closed doors at the end of the night do you allow the truth to surface: that you are a loser. It's my mission to destroy that part of your brain that allows for this disconnect, this lie to perpetuate.

I will be successful when that painful truth, that you are a loser, sticks with you all day long, even after you dribble out your pathetic load. Success will mean that you NEVER FORGET how depraved you are, how pathetic, useless, and undeserving you truly are. I am of course interested in taking your money, but if I would do this for free for the powerful satisfaction I get in destroying your self-esteem.

I am not a phone sex operator; I will not oblige your every sick fantasy, so think carefully if you want me to participate in your fucked up fantasy. I am only interested in your activites insofar as it reinforces the truth about what I am and what you are. I am here to correct a wrong and put low life faggots in their place - where they were born, where they belong, where they have been and will always be; beneath me and all other righteous alpha males in this world.