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Lindsey King

Cut A Switch And Meet Me Out Back

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I am from the very conservative midwest where spanking is just the way it is. You run your mouth, do not do your work, or behave inappropriately you will get your bottom tanned. I learned quickly to be a good girl that did not do the switch dance. There were lots of people around me who often heard the phrase 'cut a switch and meet me out back'. I will admit I like to spank bottoms hard and nothing is prettier than a raging red hinny. I have discovered that I have a little bit of dacryphilia (fetish where people like to see others cry) but I do not want those pretend tears of you trying to get out of a situation I want you sobbing for me. This does make me a little bit impious but I have always been accused of being wicked; really what is more fun that pure wickedness! There is something about flogging that is soothing and almost a form of meditation for me the sound of the flogger through the air and the assuring thud on skin I really do enjoy that. I am all about domination if you misbehave I will correct that behavior even it we are in public. I catch you behaving in a way that I do not approve of you can rest assured there will be some public face slapping. Besides it was always sexy in the older movies when a woman just slapped a man hard across the face that sound as well as the surprised look he would get oh that is pure enjoyment. Have you ever thought of CFNM (clothed female naked male) me and my girls all dressed up in our sexy dance dresses with you tied to a chair being tormented by us. The name calling and the teasing is relentless and you will not be able to get away.Corporal punishment will always have a place in my world.

I am the girl next door. I adore dressing up and absolutely love 40's style both the makeup, hair, shoes, and fashion. I was raised around men completely I can shoot, chew (though I don't), drink hard liquor, and am not afraid of animals nor bugs. I can watch football, baseball, and basketball(this is my least favorite sport to be honest) with you. I know the difference between drum breaks and disc breaks. I left the Midwest to go to college in California; out here I am exploring all different kinds of fun things. I have a room mate that is a cross dressing self declared "faggot" and we have a lot of fun together. I would have not been able to do a lot of the things in Oklahoma that I can do here. I do not fit in well with the California girls I am a little to country and way to outspoken, but I have made a lot of outcast friends like myself. I am here to have a great time and to help pay my bills it is expensive to be here these people really enjoy charging for things we just do not pay for in the Midwest. I enjoy a great role play so if you want to have some fun with me tell me about those things that run through your deviant mind. Sissy guys are my current favorite but that is just because it is so new and there are so many opportunities. I enjoy a "real" man they can be hard to find out here the Southern Cali but I do so enjoy them. I am a natural redhead yes the curtain does match the carpet. My breasts are all mine and they are "D's". I am curvy because I do things girls should do like eat, play sports, and work on. If you are looking for someone who can have a great conversation, is kinky, and can cuss like a sailor that I am your girl!

I like to spank and really enjoy being spanked. I like to make bottoms so very red that they hurt for days.
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