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Your darkest secrets, hidden shame, obscene needs

Keeper of Your Darkest Secrets

This is the Mistress Emma
who will subjugate your mind,
lay waste to your secrets,
and toy with your little will.

Do not let anything about me fool you. Yes, I am sweet and nurturing and reassuring and kind, and sometimes even a little (only a little) submissive. But not here.

I am also sweet and quiet and twisted and controlling, taking you to your deepest fears, shames, and unmet, denied warped dark needs. I live to probe all the dimly lit little cupboards, closets, wells, and cisterns of your mind. I am not afraid of evil; I have faced evil and won more than once. Lost? Never. I am more than strong enough for your insignificant demons. Bring them on.

I don't need to raise my voice or become aggressive, and I have no particular desire to cause you pain. I don't need you to worship or serve me, but if that is part of the relationship dynamic that purifies you, I can accommodate it. All I need from you is complete honesty about what is in the darkest reaches of your mind. If you aren't willing to go there and give me EVERYTHING, even thoughts you didn't know you had, you aren't worth my time and your money.

In return I will take you more deeply than you have ever dreamed to what you desire: understanding, shame and humiliation, purification, deep release--whatever defines your own vulnerably personal and fathomless gratification.

I am the Mistress Confessor

and I hold the power to listen, hear, understand,
go alongside, penetrate deeper, reward,
and absolve--or not.


Hypnosis is wonderful for everything from relaxation to mind control. As a former psychotherapist, I take hypnosis seriously. If you want me to use hypnosis with you, first you must fill out the questionnaire below and return it to me. HYPNOSIS SESSIONS BY APPT ONLY

It is time. CALL ME . . .

(I don't do small penis humiliation or extreme pain play, nor am I a professional Domme.
If you are seeking these, I direct you to Mistress June aka EliteDomme)

Honor and Please Your Mistress

Appropriate for submissives, slaves, and sissies

Miss Emma Professional
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Ass Worship
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