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Opal Indulgence

Sensually Sadistic Sex Goddess

You NEED to serve. You crave it, deep in your core. You long to find a woman who won't be afraid to order you to your knees, make you get down and beg for it…and then laugh in your face as she denies you anyway…

You need to be ABUSED. You long to be exposed and humiliated as the pathetic, trembling creature you know you are inside..kicked around, punished, tormented…tortured for the sheer evil amusement of your cruel Goddess..

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~ CLICK to HEAR my sultry voice ~

You need to be TAKEN. You ache to be overwhelmed, swept away on the tide of Her desires until your own will crumbles and any thought of resistance is futile. To have the tendrils of her control grow, over your mind, over your life, until before you know it you're completely ensnared, made helpless in her web, enslaved…

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You know already that you've found that woman. And you know you don't have a snowball's chance in hell with me. But if you somehow manage to catch my attention for a little while I just might toy with you.

I suggest bribery before you call Me.

Goddess Opal

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Do I intimidate you? Afraid you can't handle me - or just can't afford me? Why not try a little sip of the nectar of my control by purchasing one of my goody can't be that addictive...can it? *evilsmile*

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Learn More About Your Goddess

I am a genuine lifestyle Goddess and naturally dominant woman who heads a real-life polyamorous matriarchy. I've been in "The Scene" for more than a decade now, making fetish videos, writing, even at one time running an online fetish forum & thriving group which met for monthly play parties. (I suggest you Google me to learn more before calling!) In recent years I've owned my own BDSM studio where I enjoyed doing sessions involving such things as foot, boot & shoe worship, body worship, flogging & caning, CBT, and a number of other devious methods of inflicting pain and humiliation on my worshipful acolytes.

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I am particularly known for my skills with good old fashioned spanking and that perennial favorite, strap-on play. "Anal sex is good for the soul" is a family motto in my household *winks* My studio was also a very popular place for sissies and other t-girls to come and be transformed into everything from skilled & elegant French maids to airheaded bimbo cum-dumpsters.

Nowadays I do in-the-flesh sessions mostly when I travel; I only have so much time and I prefer to spend it enjoying my sybaritic lifestyle or focused on my submissive slaves here, and on making even better and more artistic femdom smut to addle your minds with.

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How to have an exceptional experience with me:

  1. Budget at least 30 minutes for your first call with me. (You'll likely want to talk for longer.) This is where we will begin to get to know each other and lay the foundation for every extraordinary experience to come.
  2. Be honest about who you are and what turns you on. I hate to use words like "sapiosexual"; I think it's pretentious garbage. But trust me, I'm probably smarter than you are, and I CAN tell when you come to me with some BS story trying to hide the nature of your true fetish. Just TELL me what turns you on and trust me to take it from there, using your hot-buttons as my springboard to launch you into realms of subspace you never knew existed.
  3. Expect to talk about more than just your sexual fantasy. Our conversation may wander and I will certainly interrogate you about all sorts of things. Maybe I'm just nosy - or maybe this information could turn out to be important for your health & safety. Or just be something that pops up later in one of my Machiavellian schemes. I expect you to be open with me, and you have my permission to ask me questions as well; I'll let you know if there's anything I do not wish to answer.
  4. I recommend you purchase one of my photo packs before you call to give yourself the added dimension of having something visual to focus on while you speak to me.
  5. If you genuinely want to have your MIND COMPLETELY BLOWN, to feel utterly owned, you must be prepared to REALLY give up control. Understand that true submission, the fullest and deepest kind of submission, relies on trust. Because how could you possibly give up complete & total control to anyone you did not completely & totally trust? And that trust can only be built through time spent making a real Domme-sub connection. You might not be able to completely give up control in the first session with me, and that's ok; submission is a journey not a destination.
  6. Finally, always keep your Goddess happy by leaving 5-star feedback after every call & goody bag purchase!

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