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Britney Bond

Addiction & Forced Intox Specialist. Amuse Me NOW!

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you can stop searching now, you have found what you thought only existed in your mind.
The Spellbinding Goddess, that tempts you with forbidden fruit and untold pleasures.
I am exactly what you NEED.

Look at how incredible I am.
I'm a stunning, statuesque blonde that's used to being worshipped and adored....
and look at you.
you are nothing but a pathetic worm that sits around daydreaming..
always fantasizing about being My submissive toy.
always wishing to be useful and of service to a strong powerful devastatingly magnificent creature, such as Myself.
you know in reality this will Never happen, but something magical happens when you start drinking, suddenly you have the courage to call Me, you slip into a drunken haze, an alternate reality where you're not the loser you are in your everyday life.
you get all excited that I am actually talking to you, even though you have to pay for it, you don't care.

My alluring voice purrs into your ear.
drink up, I say...
because drinking the pain away is the only thing you can do.
drinking for Me makes you feel like you have a purpose in life.
your life has No meaning without ME in it.
you hunger for Me to tell you what to do.
you love it when I DEMAND you to drink more and more, It's all you can think about.
you love getting wasted for your Goddess.
you get so hard when you hear Me giggle and tell you to do more, more more more!

I am the perfection you have been searching for.

I am the Supreme Blonde Goddess you were born to serve.

I'm so intoxicating, you'll do ANYTHING for Me.
We both know the only way you could ever please Me is by sending Me tributes and gifts. Spoiling Me rotten like I deserve.
You're lost without Me.

you realize you can never have a woman like Me, that the only way you can interact with someone of My caliber is to pay for it, but you don't care, you are so addicted to Me that it doesn't matter. you will happily do anything and everything to put a smile on My face.
you live for the abuse.
you crave the stinging words that fall from My beautiful lips, the way I humiliate you, like no one else can.

You're unbelievably aroused by My Photographs.
You're drunk on My words.

Come, Come to Me Now.

Feed your addiction

Let's live out the fantasy together,

xo Britney Bond

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