Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

I get so many requests for people who just want to TALK to Me. Ask Me questions about My crazy, insane, sexy, over the top lifestyle and adventures. THIS is the phone line for you Now you can finally call Me up You can ask Me anything! (please be respectful of course,) ask Me about porn, kink education, Blood Borne Pathogens, STDs, ask Me about My slaves, what I ate for breakfast. This is also a really great line for people to call up and inquire about what's like during a session in My dungeon. Do you have alot of questions you're dying to ask? what is the difference between a personal slave and a client? What can you expect from your first session? Maybe you are wondering if I can recommend a reputable Mistress in your area. Want to ask how to get in to porn, what My favorite fetish is, what the weirdest thing I have ever done on or off film is? Want to know My favorite foods, My recommendations for metal albums? Who I want to interview next? Want to call and ask if I know every single pornstar whose name you can possibly think of? Call Now and Ask Me Anything! These phone sessions are very fun and light hearted. this is NOT a jerk off line OR a humiliation line. This is just what it says, Q&A and conversations. Please send Me a message if you are interested in setting up a special conversation with Me so we can schedule some time to get to know each other! before you call me you may want to consider first reading My personal blog! It's filled with FREE PHOTOS, stories of My adventures and info on when and where I will be appearing next. For $1 you can have unlimited access to all of that info! OR there's access to a long list of ALL of My social media accounts! Including facebook, twitter, instagram,and more! You can cyber stalk Me and get to know Me really well before you call me up and we can talk about My weird sexy life! ONLY $3