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Ready for your new budget?

Are you craving the ultimate in power exchange? Have you always dreamed of a strong woman controlling your most cherished possession: your paycheck?

For years I have been directing submissives in financial planning and budgeting. I have found that many submissives simply cannot control themselves while seeking to fulfill their desires and require a strong hand to step in and direct their spending. My greatest joy is directing finances. By giving you allowed "fun money", I am trusting that you will be strong enough to resist temptation to spend your money on things other than the most important person in your life, me.

If you do not understand financial training, do not waste my time. I dedicate my time to perfecting your budget and expenses so that you can best serve me. In return, I expect total obedience and dedication to following my financial directives. Do not contact me if you are not ready to give over control of your budget, if you think it is acceptable to waste my time with disrespectful language, or if you want a "freebie".