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The Elegant Whore

Learn to suck dick like a professional...


I've been hoping you'd stop by.

I am the woman with the pearl earrings and red lipstick and the biting smile who will chew you up until you are bloody and then kiss it better until you cannot imagine your life without me.

While I am many things, I am neither unreasonable nor capricious; if you’re calling for domination, expect to be teased and pushed to your limits, but what I ask you to do will never be more than you are capable of doing for me.

General calls

I love having a list of clients with varied, diverse interests; it keeps me interested in each of you individually, and makes our calls much more entertaining. If you're looking for JOI, non-D/s heterosexual sex, somebody clever, funny, and kind to talk with, or something comparably vanilla, I'd love to hear from you. In the past few months, I've also acquired a number of clients who want to discuss their lives, relationships, and sexual identities/preferences in more theoretical terms: this is fine as long as you understand that I am not licensed to provide counsel in any official capacity, and your conversations with me are essentially the equivalent of picking a very clever friend's brain over a cup of coffee. I should also mention that if you are, for whatever reason, in the public eye, you can count on my absolute discretion. I've never outed clients in the past and will never do so in the future, and generally find America's culture of celebrity idolatry super weird and off-putting.

D/s play and manipulation

I've had the pleasure of receiving an extraordinary education at one of the country's best undergraduate colleges. Between the psychology, rhetoric, and facets of human sexuality I've studied, I know exactly how to press your buttons and pride myself on doing it eloquently. For those of you interested in manipulation and D/s play, I'm exactly who you're looking for: somebody clever enough to stay five steps ahead of you from the moment I accept your call. Generally speaking, I'm quite kink-friendly, and I emphasize consent. I also adore role-playing - I can be whomever you like: your teacher, your therapist, the woman who fucks your wife, and yes, you’ll love every second of it. Whether I choose to become that fantasy, however, is precisely that: a choice.Try your luck, and if I’m so inclined, I’ll take you to another world…that said, express your interests/desires candidly. I may not share them, and reserve the right to choose my clients in addition to dictating the conditions of our interactions. Basically, caveat emptor. If you are unsure of what you want, new to D/s relationships, or hoping to explore something new, I’m happy to discuss that with you over the phone.

Contract under construction
There's an interesting recent HLR article on the legality of BDSM contracts, for those of you with enough of an intellect to appreciate it.

In reality, I’m a bisexual 1L law student; given the rigorous nature of my schedule, my hours vary. If you’re genuinely interested and cannot catch me available, make an appointment. Yes, that photo is actually a photograph of me. Yes, I really AM bisexual. Yes, I have fucked women. Yes, I will discuss it with you. I am providing you with these answers NOW to prevent you from reiterating these trite and uninteresting questions on the phone. If you do, I will hang up on you. I’m not interested in wasting my time by assuaging your curiosity. Even though I am a beautiful, elegant woman, I do NOT put up with insubordination, and it would be a mistake on your part to intentionally test my patience.

Call me for:
  • Forced bisexuality - this is my current concentration, and a pet favorite of mine
  • Sensual domination - to be clear, this should NOT be mistaken for any form of the ‘girlfriend experience.’
  • Pain play
  • Public Sex
  • Bi/lesbian sex
  • Orgasm control
  • Humiliation - another favorite, along with manipulation
  • Guided/mutual masturbation - send a message initially if you’re interested in this one. I only take these clients on occasion.
  • Feminization
  • Panty boys
  • Cuckoldry

For those of you who are only just beginning to explore your sub side, the best way to attract a desired domme's attention is to demonstrate your interest to her before you contact her. Do you want me to take your devotion to me seriously? Tribute me. Purchase an Amazon gift card for me. I ALWAYS provide complimentary photos when I receive gifts; it seems only fair that we BOTH enjoy it, and you get to see what you paid for.

~Mlle. Irene