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Need someone to talk to? You can talk to me. I listen to how you see the world. There is no judgement here. Only highly developed clarity and discernment. I've completed both my Bachelors and Masters degrees. But what good is erudition without heart and a certain amount of wisdom to back it up? I'm Hannah, named for my ancestor. My ancestors came from the shtetl and through Ellis Island. They learned a thing or two over the generations. And passed the distillation of this knowledge on to me. When you speak to me you feel uplifted, truly heard and understood. And, let's face it uplifting, truly hearing and understanding are the lineaments of love. Be well Hannah ** We're all equally twisted. The greater the denial, the more intricate the twist. You know it. I know it. Are you going to continue to let the pressure build? Of course you are. Together we can raise twisted to an art form. Spanking, Small Penis Humiliation, Feminization, etc. Call me. Your twisted side really really wants you to. ** Did you serve/are you serving for your country, in any one of a number of wars that took, or is taking, place in some portion of the world that is far from home, and loved ones? Are you finding it hard to forgive? Anyone? Anyone at all? Are you finding it hard to sleep? To relate to your loved ones? Do you spare your family, and friends, knowledge of those incidents that you feel impact you most? Does some of this stuff keep repeating on you? Do you think telling someone would harm that person in some way? I'm Hannah Green. I listen to people, when they talk. I am capable of understanding that exceeds my experience. And I promise you, nothing you tell me will mark me in any negative way.And, hey, it just might give you some relief. Help you to shed a little of your burden. Open the way for you to experience some of the joy that awaits you. I'm here. And I'm listening. Truly, Hannah