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True Alpha

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I am The True Alpha. Superior Goddess. Here to haunt your dreams and amplify your weaknesses. My name is Miss June and I have been guiding submissive men by phone for years through my EliteDomme listings. Thoughtful submissive men who desire a caring Goddess are encouraged to call me through those listings. When you call me there, I will protect you from yourself.

I created these True Alpha listings to explore my darkest impulses. With no concern for your wellbeing. When you call these Alpha listings, I assume you are an adult who can make your own choices. Even if they are stupid ones. I will encourage your weakness here. So if you are unable to make decisions in your best interest and you call these listings anyway, well, that is on you. I assume callers to my Alpha listings are self-destructive and who am I to say your total devotion to a phone sex Goddess will contribute to your issues? Maybe embracing your true submissive nature will be the answer to your problems? Maybe worshiping me will be the bright spot in your horribly vanilla existence? Maybe serving me WILL BE the most fun you have ever had. I think you owe it to yourself to find out.

Mind control phone sex

I titled this listing with the words "mind control" but that term does not really capture what I offer. I am far more subtle. My kind of Domination is not about beating you down or forcing anything, really. I am curious about you and I enjoy getting to know you. Then I enjoy using your needs and your fears to see how deep I can take you. Deep into submission. Deep into devotion. Deep into my power.

Mind control was the closest term I could think of, but that sort of brings to mind cartoon zombies. You will not be a zombie with me. You will always be fully aware of exactly how much you are changing to please me. I am so skilled at manipulating you and using your weaknesses to encourage your entrapment, that you will most certainly ENJOY coming unraveled for me. :) You can probably feel yourself longing for my control already, right?

Controlling Mistress for phone sex Domination

Here is the thing, though. Domination and submission are a dance that requires two partners. So you have to ask yourself, "Am I really ready for The True Alpha?" Because while I like to think I have magical powers, I am not a mind reader. And I don't enjoy playing with limp noodles. So YOU are going to have to step up your game if you want to be mine. You are going to have to impress me with your openness and your bravery and your generosity. Don't think you are going to call me and just sit there and do nothing while I magically transform you from a selfish immature narcissist into an obedient well trained pet or slave. YOU have to be willing to do the work and YOU have to earn my interest. If you are not ready to do what it takes, please call someone else.

CBT painful phone sex Domination

Hard work is not the worst of it, either, because I am a fickle woman and I do not see your suffering as a negative thing. I see it as a gift. So I do not reserve suffering for times of punishment. In fact, honestly, I have little use for punishment. Punishment is for children and children bore me. But pain interests me greatly. Physical pain, emotional pain, financial pain. All are great tools that I enthusiastically use to break your ego and deepen your devotion. I just don't call them punishment. You should thank me any time I give you the gift of pain.

Of course, a steady diet of suffering is no good. There has to be pleasure with the pain. Profound unpredictable pleasure is the key. Not knowing when or if I will abuse you or milk you. But knowing for certain that whatever you experience will be by my design.

FemDom mind control Domination

I have done my best to warn you away. I even told you directly to call someone else if you are ill prepared to serve this Goddess. Many of you will sensibly follow those instructions, but a rare few will be unable to move on to other listings and other Mistresses. A rare few of you will recognize that I am the transformative force you have been seeking for so long. To you, I say, "Come home now, pet." You have finally found me. The search is over. Relax into my power. Come to me. Serve me. Be mine. Let the rushing whirl of daily obligations fade to gray and focus on what your heart wants. Your heart knows.

Dominatrix Goddess phone sex

Show me that you understand the significance and value of this opportunity. Show me that you are truly committed to pleasing your Goddess each and every day to the best of your abilities. Show me you understand that the best and most direct path to your joy is making me happy.

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Mistress June, Phone Goddess

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