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Madame Chasity Chase

Get On Your Knees & Address Me As Madame

So You Need A Mistress To Take You Out Of Your Element And Push You Past Your Limits?

Are you tired of a girl saying ANYTHING GOES, when that's really not the case? I am Mistress Chasity Chase and I'm here to make you my little puppy dog bitch. You’ll be on your knees waiting to serve my every need. As my bitch you’ll know that my fetish is Big Black Cock. You know you’ll never be as good as the big black man in my bed, you’ll be ready waiting at my feet, to take the dripping cum from my cunt.

Oh you think your mind is nasty? Wait until you talk to me, the nastier the better…and yes even your taboo limits will be within my reach. You won’t be able to escape the grasp I have on your mind and body. Soon you’ll find yourself doing whatever the fuck I want you to do. You won’t even argue, I’ll have you wrapped around my slutty finger. You better call me Madame at all times and if you even think to disobey me, I’ll throw away the key to the chasity around your clitty. Talking back is never accepted, when you show up to serve me you better be willing to do whatever it is I need you for. Turning you into my cum dumpster fag boy will be my pleasure.

I’m a thick blonde beauty waiting to train my next bitch. If your eager to learn how to be the perfect slut for me then I dare my cissy boys to pick up the phone. I’m sure you sitting there staring at my DD’s and curvy body shaking at the thought of talking to a woman as beautiful as I. You will worship my ass and feet and yes literally kiss the ground I walk on. Your job is to keep my house clean at all times, and you don’t even think about cumming until you beg me and prove to me why you’re going to be the best little bitch for me.

Yes, I have a perfect asshole for you to lick and clean. You’ll never get a break from worshipping my tight asshole and amazing body. You’ll know at all times your serving the best mistress out there. You’ll know when it’s payday who the checks go to. Of course ME!!! I’ll financially fuck you and you’ll love every second of it!!! Lay on your back and let me ride your face like a toy…don’t forget there’s a fee to worship this young slutty MISTRESS!

Scared to pick up the phone? Hehe you should be! Being my slut can be very dangerous. It could make you feel things you’ve never felt. Who know I might just have you on your knees sucking cock for me. My fag boys know what I mean. They might even be bending over and worshipping big black cock with me! I know I’m nothing like anything you’ve experienced and that terrifies you but it also intrigue you…pick up the phone because rule #1 is: You should never keep your mistress waiting!

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