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Exquisite Mia

Articulate & very naughty - young, feminine voice.

Mmm. Oral. Sometimes I think oral is more intimate than straight-up fucking. There’s a different power dynamic with it - someone is servicing and someone is being serviced. I love both sides of this depending on my mood. I know there’s no better way to improve a man’s mood than greeting him on my knees when he comes home. No talking, just me kneeling and dressed only in the flimsiest lingerie I own, looking up at you with a naughty little half-smile on my face. You wouldn’t have to say or do anything other than maybe reach down and brush a lock of hair off my face while you undo your pants. I want you watching me, looking me in the eye, then watching my lips open and my tongue slide under the head of your now-very-awake cock. I like to take my time and do it right, my aim is to make you feel completely and properly taken care of, like your cock is the king of my personal world. And at the end I want your come - right down my throat, on my tongue as I open my mouth and stick it out for you, all over my face and lips, down my neck, dripping down onto my tits.

Does any of that sound nice? I got myself a little heated up writing it, so I hope so.

Other times there’s nothing much more that I need other than to have my panties slid down my legs so I can kick them off and relax back onto the bed (or countertop, or beach…), spread my legs lazily and run my fingers over your head as you bury your face in my needy pussy. A firm tongue between my lips, a softer tongue on my clit, maybe two fingers pushed into me at *just* the right moment. I’m not shy about this, in fact I think I may have a little bit of an exhibitionist streak in me because I like being explored, I like being looked at and played with and teased. If you just need to sink your tongue into a perfectly warm, smooth, wet pussy, I am definitely your girl.

About me: I'm a 24 year old student living in Montreal - I'm playful, intelligent and I have a very strong sex drive. My voice is very young and feminine and I'd really love to make a mess of ourselves together.