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Blake Baas

PsychologistPrincess Passive SeductionEntrancement

You come to my office for a session, you have something on your mind that has been bothering you for awhile, you need to confess to someone who understands these types of things and who can give you some helpful advice to consider, someone who makes you feel comfortable and safe. So you lie down on my couch and begin to confess all of your deepest secrets. You tell me about how you are all torn up because you have been cheating on your wife and you don't know what to do about it because you just don't love her anymore but you dont want to hurt her. You have been fucking random women and buying escorts.
We continue to have many sessions for years and you grow to respect and trust me as a friend and you eventually work it out and leave your wife and turn your life around, cure yourself of your sex addiction, but of course i see the way you look at me and talk to me, how you still continue to book sessions even though you have worked through all your issues a long time ago, how you cant keep your eyes off of me, how you are always complimenting me, how i catch you staring at my legs and how your eyes always seem to gaze up my skirt from across the room, how you always take a bathroom break after, of course i know what you are doing in there,how you have tried so hard to impress me over the years, i know you go home and lay in bed at night and think about all the different ways you want to fuck me. i know it has become an obsession and you wont stop until you have fucked me, u know you have fallen into my web and you have no desire to escape. But do i really want you, or is it merely the attention you lavish onto me that amuses me? how easy it is to toy with you, to make you think you have a chance, hard to know for sure isn't it? I know you think about it because I think about it too. Why do you think I haven't terminated our therapy?
Specialties: GFE, Smoking, Seducing Dumbfucks, Financial Domination + Slavery, Forced Intox, Chastity Play, Foot Worship, Lingerie, Stockings, Heels Worship, Sex Addiction Therapy, Drug and Alcohol Addiction Therapy, Webcam Detoxification, Roleplays
Psychologist Princess Passive Seduction Entrancement