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Doktor Beatings' Guide to Abuse and Degradation

Doktor Beatings has a PhD in Humiliation

Who needs a philosophy when you can concentrate on your pain and feeling of dismal self image?

When I finish you will wish you had just been water-boarded by Government cream puffs in Guantanamo.

Grovel you sycophantic field mouse! Clearly most of your problems are SEXUAL in nature. Your desire to be one of my ongoing projects, and your need to be dominated by other strong men prove what you are. The brain might be a favorite organ but you will never be smart enough to make up for your tiny cock or those withered grapes masquerading as testicles. You might as well embrace your place at the bottom of the chain. Life for you is a prison and a sissy twink like you can be quite popular in jail. Face it, what you fear about this situation is how much it turns you on and how hard it makes you cum.