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Sweet And Spoiled Princess

You love worshiping and spoiling women, don’t you? Of course you do. Women, especially Princesses, are wonderful, special, divine. You’re lucky we let you speak to us.

If you want to try to get the attention of this Princess, however, there are some rules. Obviously, I don’t waste my time with just any creep of the street, so you’re going to have to prove you’re worth it. No ‘hey how r u’ messages, boys. I want proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Introduce yourself properly to me, why should I speak to you? What do you have to offer me? Don't lie to me and promise the world if you can only give me pennies. I will find out, so be honest. You'll just have to work harder in other ways. If you’re lucky maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a reply. Fuck up, however, and there’s no second chances. Princesses have high standards.

Always remember, if you want to try to earn my attention you have to work for it. Remember you are doing this for ME. I don’t owe you anything, no matter what you give me in an attempt to win me over. YOU need ME, not the other way around. You love giving me your tributes. I’m doing you a favor. Fuck up and I can find a hundred little boys just like you in a second. Think you can offer me something worth my time? Then send me a message and maybe you’ll be one lucky boy.

Think you can get my attention?

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