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My 1st and Favorite Fetish, SPANKING!

Since I turned 18, 14 years ago, spanking was my all time favorite fetish. It got me into the BDSM lifestyle and helped me discover what I love and can't live without! I started off by getting spankings, and found out early on that I have a VERY high pain tolerance. My bottom came to be known as the insta-heal ass of steel. I can take hours of spankings with pretty much any implement. My favorites to be used on me are the belt, wooden hole-less paddle, and flogger. It gets me wetter than anything else, except being the one delivering the spankings! When I was around 21, I got my first submissive little bitch boyfriend. Needless to say, he needed lots of correction and punishment! I used him to train myself in the art of spanking others, and have never stopped practicing it since! I love to see how far I can push a submissive or masochists pain tolerance levels, and love it when someone claims to be a pain slut. I enjoy leaving marks, bruises, and welts, and it makes me almost cum when I can get a bitch to cry. I can be slow, gentle, easy, and train somebody up to my preferences of course. My favorite toys to use are the cane, handmade stuff, and a whip. I've spanked well over 200 people, so I'd say I'm pretty damn good at it by now!