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Time to Strip you down...
...and remake you from the inside out!

Playing your Psyche

Together, we will make your desires for change realized and then put into unstoppable motion. Change is inevitable and so we must make sure that the changes are in the proper direction. Stop your unguided travel which leads you along a winding path. Rather, let's keep you on the straight road leading to your strongest yearnings.

28 minute Audio (Erotic, Hypnotic, and Therapeutic Mp3) connecting you with the Girl within:
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Bio on Samantha Summers:

Inherently (if not innately) inquisitive early on about what makes people tick... and later on, what makes people twitch and tingle... Samantha had an unquenchable desire to understand what drove someone's deep-down desires. While being a person of the social structure, Samantha worked as a Government Caseworker, something which made her inherent curiosities into 'what is inside' even stronger. This had, in part, lead her into a position at the Department of Mental Health, something which she excelled at and swiftly climbed the ladder, meanwhile receiving several licences and certifications. The guidelines of the status-quo prevented Samantha's urge for understanding from expanding. But after discovering that she could independently continue her search for the psychosexual 'soul' of individuals in a manner which she saw fit (original and unconventional methods), Samantha removed herself from inside the Box. Today, she is the Owner-Operator of the Psychosexological Institute bearing her name.

Written by Nathaniel Kagan

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Despite having worked in the Mental Health Department, and having had several certifications, I am not a licensed medical professional and this site is for adult entertainment purposes only.

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