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Husky Princess

FINDOMME MISTRESS Im out of your legue

I don't care about you, or how your shitty day was and crap your pathetic life is. All I care about is your cold hard cash.

I don't want to hear you complain as I rinse your wallet dry. I don't give a shit if your wife or girlfriend leaves you, and you end up all alone like a Broke Loser I want all your money and I take pleasure in spending all your hard earned cash to finance my lavish lifestyle.

Ill take you for every penny and laugh as you hand it over... You have been warned, you pathetic excuse for a human being.

I am a spoiled rotten bratty princess who demands only the best. The only thing that impresses me about you is your wallet. It is all a disgusting greedy little cash cow like you is good for.

You would NEVER ever have the pleasure of speaking to a superior woman like me... Ill ignore you and abuse your small dick, make you suffer as I laugh as I spend your money on more pretty things to make my life more perfect.

Ill make you beg for me to utter one word from my perfect lips. Ill tease you and control you with my voice.... Ill set you degrading tasks and listen to you cry. Ill force you to dress up in your frilly pink panties like a sissy little slut and humiliate you with my intoxicating laugh.

Get your booze, cage, your girly panties, and your wallet. Get ready for the thrilling and excitement of total control through financial domination.

The only thing that is good in your stupid sad life is talking to your mistress. Knowing I am living the high life on your earnings. Ill flirt your money right out of your account, and ridicule your pathetic existence.

I'll rape your wallet with my beautifuly manicured nails and walk all over your life with my perfectly pedicured toes. My sweet girl next door voice will hypnotise you into a moneyless trap with NO ESCAPE. You will be under my spell begging for the abuse to stop.

You'll open like a slutty book and spill your disgusting secrets and vulnerabilities... Ill use these to twist you around my little finger. With every twist you'll become more and more addicted to me.

Your only purpose in life is to serve and worship a princess like me. I'll listen and laugh as your life falls and crumbles around your worthless feet, all because you need to feed your addiction.

I am a toxic poison that tastes sweeter than life its self. Ill run through your thoughts and veins, Ill destroy you, and you will know it, but your hooked and you'll want more and more.

Call me and start draining your bank right now