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Worship @WebCam - Get Hypnotized By His Eyes@@

The Hypno-Fetish Master from the Fetish Conventions and BDSM/Fetish Lifestyle Communities is now available for personal, one-on-one transformations!

Unleash the chains put on by society that are on you desires for inner freedom.
Let the HypnoFetish Master set you free!

Once you step in and let My Proven Trance Methods plant their seeds in your mind, you WILL experience the change and/or fantasy you have been longing for. The MIND is the largest sexual organ of the body and my WORDS know how to CONTROL and STROKE your organ!
I specialize in gender changing progamming! Whenever you listen to Me, you completely switch to the gender of your new mental persona.
Want a "face-2-face" session? Buy My Skype ID before you call:
Do you think you cannot be hypnotized by someone's true! All hypnosis is SELF hypnosis. You have to LET the hypnotist guide you. Buy this MP3 to help train you to go into hypnosis quickly and easily. Once you are in trance, the positive effects take away all stress as well as giving clarity to those who have busy minds. NOTE: THIS MP3 HAS NO POST HYPNOTIC TRIGGERS/GREAT FOR FIRST TIMERS

Want to see if hypnosis is for you and find wealth, too? Buy this MP3 which walks you through the steps needed to go into trance. Remember, all hypnosis is self just need a guide to get you there. This MP3 is great for relaxation and includes financial prosperity post-hypnotic suggestions as well as paying thanks to the HypnoFetishMaster when you realize you are becoming more successful.

Many say that My voice has a power in its own. It is true that I have an announcer's voice, a bass-baritone voice, a hypnotic voice. Let My voice penetrate you in every way possible with this "Hypnotic, Erotic, Addiction with Explosion" mp3. Once you let Me in, it feels REALLY good.

I am currently taking new requests for POWERFUL, CUSTOMIZED MP3's designed to make the change that you desire. Send Me a message on NF to let Me know what Hypnotic mp3 you would like to purchase most.
Do you want to do something terrifying, unusual and exciting? Call Me now to get a trigger implanted in your subconscious...

Then have it activated WHENEVER I CHOOSE!

This experience is better than any blackmail contract!
**Perfect for adrenaline junkies!
Calling all classic bimbo boys: I have a proven approach if you want to be a
Classic 1950's Housewife Bimbo. This process strengthens everytime I put you into the "bimbo" state!
Sensual Domination
Corporal Punishment, in all its forms
Restrictive Bondage
Electro Play
Needle Play
Fire Play
Bondage Massage
Forced Feminization
Slut Training
Sissy Training
Fantasy Role-play
Foot and Body Worship
Humiliation - verbal and physical / public and private
Teasing and Denial
Most Fetishes (smoking, foot, tickle, etc.)
Puppy Training
Ball Busting and Kicking
Nipple Torture
Edge Play
Strap-On Play
Face Slapping
Many people do not realize that being attracted to both sexes is normal and expected at some point in life. Rome's elite always explored their sexual freedoms without persecution and many even had 'house boys and girls' for when they needed to explore! Modern societies (especially the prudish American ones) have put boundaries on the masses while the elite ignore those boundaries to fulfill their desires. End the programming put on you for what you already know! Unlock the desires which are deep inside of you that have been buried for too long!