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I'm not needy, I'm demanding.
I'm not bratty, I'm angry.
I'm not spoiled, I have needs and what I deserve.
I'm not prone to flights of fancy, I'm grounded.
I am easy going, but I do not tolerate insolence. It IS MY WAY.

You're here to help me get my jollies, not the other way around. Call me, lets talk! Fill up my bank account!

I'm calculating and manipulative. I don't find either of these traits regrettable in myself. I have the education and life experience to be very effective and efficient at both.

 I don't refer to myself as Princess nor do I care to be referred to as such, my life is no fairy tale and no amount of subservience will change that. I'm direct and to the point. I am exceedingly curious; I will question you endlessly. And then ask you more questions.

I enjoy conversation, and even more than that I enjoy reading and listening to what others have to say. If you have nothing to say, you're of little use and a complete bore to me.

I like persistence, I do not like stalking. I do humiliation, verbal abuse, forced intoxication, objectification and financial domination like a champ. I'm an angry person and these things come easily to me and are possible online. That being said, I can treat you like my sweet little kitten or like the blob of filth stuck to the heel of my favorite boot. You have to know what you want or I'll throw whatever I have at you. I am pierced, tattooed and scarred (burns, cuts). If that's distasteful to you, I can't change it so keep moving. 

I love fetishes. I have a fascination with them. Some I dig are sploshing, WAM, feet, human furniture, transfan, menophilia, narratophilia, navels, pygophilia, sadism, stigmatophilia and the list goes on.

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