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I am a playful person and enjoy having a great time. I like to push the envelope and embarrassing you not in mean ways but more ornery ways that can be laughed off by others. I enjoy dominating you and being above you in a lot of ways. I greatly enjoy older men just because I can control them in such flirty but naughty ways. I also enjoy turning men into girlie playthings it is so much fun to buy you a penis shaped sucker from the local adult store and introduce you into my lollipop lickers club. I like the way the older ladies just start laughing at you while I make you deep throat that sugary treat. Out here on the beach when the sun goes down we can get away with a lot. People gather up on the beach and have a great time with that it allows me to make you take out that penis and do some dick flash in public. I know a lot of people have a bit of a handcuff fetish but when it comes to bondage I am far more into rope and nylons they just seem sexier to me. I talk to a lot of guys that are into bi sexual play which is just lots of fun for me. I finally got to go to a glory hole with my real life play thing I never thought these places exist but they do and it was so much fun. If you have ever thought of doing this but maybe you are not quite ready to take the physical leap then we can have some phone play about it. It was a exciting to hear him gagging on this huge cock that came through that hole. I enjoy doing all kinds of fun things I have never done before some of these things are not the safest thing to actually do but we can talk about them and still have a wonderful time. I also greatly enjoy dressing guys up in little slutty outfits then giving them lessons in such female things as makeup, hair style and house cleaning. Whatever way you have thought about being submissive we can explore that together.

I am the girl next door. I adore dressing up and absolutely love 40's style both the makeup, hair, shoes, and fashion. I was raised around men completely I can shoot, chew (though I don't), drink hard liquor, and am not afraid of animals nor bugs. I can watch football, baseball, and basketball(this is my least favorite sport to be honest) with you. I know the difference between drum breaks and disc breaks. I left the Midwest to go to college in California; out here I am exploring all different kinds of fun things. I have a room mate that is a cross dressing self declared "faggot" and we have a lot of fun together. I would have not been able to do a lot of the things in Oklahoma that I can do here. I do not fit in well with the California girls I am a little to country and way to outspoken, but I have made a lot of outcast friends like myself. I am here to have a great time and to help pay my bills it is expensive to be here these people really enjoy charging for things we just do not pay for in the Midwest. I enjoy a great role play so if you want to have some fun with me tell me about those things that run through your deviant mind. Sissy guys are my current favorite but that is just because it is so new and there are so many opportunities. I enjoy a "real" man they can be hard to find out here the Southern Cali but I do so enjoy them. I am a natural redhead yes the curtain does match the carpet. My breasts are all mine and they are "D's". I am curvy because I do things girls should do like eat, play sports, and work on. If you are looking for someone who can have a great conversation, is kinky, and can cuss like a sailor that I am your girl!

I greatly enjoy playing with men and here at college I have a whole bunch to have some fun with. I really like teasing and taunting my professors though. There is nothing more entertaining than giving a man a pudgy and watching him try to hide it in front of a whole room full of people. I like to take control of men as I am discovering it is very easy to do. The only way you would ever get a girl like me is to submit and give me everything I want. There is no way I would ever date someone like you because of your personality and if you are not packing a nice cock well you are not worth me getting undressed for. It is great to wear all those sexy things and show off all those assets. That is where you come in because you are here to buy me all those wonderful things that I wear for real men. You know the kind I am talking about those with big thick cocks not short skinny ones.

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