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Miz Macksie


I have lived life. Have the hat, t-shirt, socks and scars.... Got married right out of high school to my childhood sweetheart but unfortunately, my sex drive was higher than his. Told him, "buy me toys, or I'll fool around." Well, he bought me toys....then HE fooled around. Go figure. Such is LIFE. Kicks ya in the teeth. I loved him so much. Tried to make things work, but after a mediocre sex life and more years than I care to count, I finally left. LIFE bites you....but LIFE can be good.... Such as the year of bliss I spent having sex 5-7x a day... finally had a man who could keep up with me. I learned that a relationship based on pure sex left me empty in other ways. So I started writing the stories I imagined in my head.... my fantasies.... I've always wanted to do the pizza delivery dude - and had a few guys volunteer to be that dude after reading the story....but you know....have never to this day, actually acted it out??? Another one...where some guy has an office job...and I bring him his lunch.....(I want to be the "sucker-tary" under the desk) LOL Being an athlete, and the Coach kept me behind for "extra" practice....(for that matter, being the Coach...) Or being a teacher....and picking out my "pet"....he has to stay after class because he failed an exam and requires punishment, or being a student asking for help.... Even though I've lost weight, the chest is still 34DD... Things of that nature....any road that leads to orgasms...after all, orgasms are what makes LIFE worth living! ; sorry about not being available~ but babysitting kinda go offline when that happens. I want to thank all my regular customers who have called and "favorited" me ~ you make life so much brighter when I've been down. :) are you into feet? 4 pics fishnet stockings with heels $2.00 6 pics skirt suit part 1 $3 9 pics skirt suit part 2 not naked $4 I know my pics aren't anything special...but they are me...and I'm real. Too real for lots of peeps ~ ~I'm still a rookie at this (not really my comfort zone), would rather shoot the bull about where you're from - drove 18 wheeler for 14 yrs - and love listening to peoples stories. Will try to play whichever role you want, but forgive me if I mess up. I'm only human. Been told I'm a lousy Dom because I don't degrade my slaves enough. (After being with someone who beat the crap out of me ,I just can't do it to someone else). I would LOVE for someone to worship me (my feet, give me back massages, but I've been conditioned not to ask). So if you call me and want me to be aggressive...........Mistress......(key word)......I'll do my best. someday I'll figure out how to make my page "pop" but for now I love my loyal customers and just want to thank you for hanging with me :)