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Blake Baas

Cruel Princess Blake Forced Intox Torture Games

Hello my pet. my future online bitch slave. i am a 31 year old licensed psychologist princess and a part time dominatrix. i live in New York and i have a great life. its not hard to get weaklings like you losers to submit to me. all i have to do is speak and move and you fall to my feet like a drooling retard but yet i love it. you will do as you are told and if you fail to comply or argue or whine you will be punished accordingly. i dont have time to fuck around. you will serve me, hand over your wallet because are a pathetic excuse for a man and i have some shopping to pleases me to punish you, to toy with you, make you suffer, ah how you love the exquisite torture, you beg for more but i deny you what you crave, you dont deserve it, it amuses me to watch you writhe in pain.
You know you are fucked up loser but i can help to cure your sex addiction and financial domination and webcam and phone sex and porn addictions, drug and alcohol addictions. i specialize in sex addiction therapy and webcam detoxification sessions. I will be live on cam Tuesdays and other times by appointment or if my call button says call now then go ahead and call.
Specialties: GFE, Smoking, Seducing Dumbfucks, Financial Domination + Slavery, Forced Intox, Chastity Play, Foot Worship, Lingerie, Stockings, Heels Worship, Sex Addiction Therapy, Drug and Alcohol Addiction Therapy, Webcam Detoxification, Roleplays
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