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Therapist Samantha Summers

A Rapturous Symbiosis of Spirituality & Sexuality.

"Whether by Cataract or Contract, whether by Sword or Stylus, whether by Savage Slaughter or a Selfish Smile, Conquerors shall Conquer; whether by Strength & Deafening Screams, or by Silence & Deceptive things…" ~Therapist Summers

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Whether Atheist or Animist, Nihilist or Nestorian, whether Businessman or Bishop, the CONFESSIONAL is REAL... So, are you prepared to enter the Black Box, to lay everything out bare before you, and to face Demons & Angels, whether they be assembled around you or are rather residing inside of you? Hmm? Are you ready?

* * * *

You may have heard of Religio-Sexual before; maybe in some editorial column by an Intellectual, Jack A. Sess, for example... Point being that I am not pulling a 360 on you, nor am I going with the up-and-coming-mainstream & 'No', this is not the start of a changing caricature.

As with many of the issues, items, and instructions I put forth, I am bringing some portion of the Sexual Reality around us & within us into a bright new light...

Is it any wonder why the world is absolutely saturated with Sexual Addictions? Or, maybe, just maybe, the question which should be being asked instead is whether or not it is okay...

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