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Evil Lady Lilith

Call to Be Humiliated & Kicked while You're Down!

Evil Lady Lilith

Hardcore Humiliation from the Heart

I believe women are superior to men, especially men like you. Sniveling little spineless bastards, too pathetic to be worthy of a woman's time without paying for it. Women create, we are perfection, and men are beneath us.

Men like you bring out the sadist in Me. I want to fucking hurt you - psychologically or physically, I want to make you wilt and crumble.

You want guided masturbation? What the fuck is wrong with you? You can't even do that right, you simpleminded ninny?
You steal women's panties from the hamper - you nasty pervert!
You want Me to strap one on and fuck you - how disgusting! You are the scum of the earth, you realize.
Do you have a puny prick? For years, I never realized the average penis size was 5.5 inches - seriously? A real cock is at least 8 inches, everything else is just ridiculous!

When you call Me, I am going to cut you down to size. I'll seize on anything lame about you and release My revulsion. You will pay Me to disrespect and degrade you. A nice tribute might soften My mood... for a while.

I am a 28 year old woman of Spanish heritage, and I came to the U.S. ten years ago. I speak fluent English & Spanish, and I do have an accent people find alluring. When My mood is gentle, you little sissies can chat with Me about Project Runway & men you find hot. If you try to get nasty, I'll start puttin' on the BITCH!