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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Not just performing - living vicariously through... No challenge in role play, when you have it done for many years! My personal experience includes: nurse-patient, nurse-doctor, doctor-patient, paramedic-patient, police officer-bad driver (yeap, the second is me), teacher-student (and vica versa, from real life), traveller-hitchhiker, master-slave, fireman-trapped person, plumber-housewife, executive-secretary, driver-passenger, escort-client, photographer-model... and ask for more! I have played home health nurse before or researcher of an international team experimenting intrapussious spermacillin, and the results are guaranteed. More than once! However, you must be aware of the time constraint. It runs minimum from 20 minutes up to even one hour. But I will not just moan in the background! I will constantly talk and instruct you what to do, how to behave, guiding you to enter a new, higher level of your vivid imagination. I prefer if you contact me by NF mail in advance and provide me with some details what you are looking for, so I have some time to prepare for our play, and I am not going to waste any of your minutes! I also prefer for longer plays to set up an approximate time (since I have a job somewhere else, too in the meantime). So, if you are ready to explode (excuse my spilling, I mean spelling :), I learnt English in HS first)... hmmm, I mean to explore, send me a NF mail first, about your cumming... hmmm, I mean about your calling! To find me easier, add me to your favorites. Free minutes or picture are given to my most addicted customers. Skype and Yahoo IDs are available per request, and I will NOT do two-way camming, but I love to watch! Contacting through NF is recommended for appointments or just to share your thoughts with me.

It is important to mention at the beginning that I take every call, and NEVER hang up on anyone. If you feel that I did hang up on you, please check your mailbox within a 5 minutes, because my apology mail should be waiting for you. Thank you.

NO TWO-WAY WEBCAM, PLEASE! (but I love to watch!)

Great women are like good coffee. They are hot, tasty and want them to keep you up whole night. Every drop of them is piquant, divine and worth to take every morning, lunch, and dinner. Let's not forget about the snacks either...

Here we go. I am a tall, slender, athletic, and classy (so I have been told) Eastern European nurse, educated in Europe and in the US (still have an accent), living and working here. See the pic for physical characteristics. Doc or nurse? Have you ever heard about nurses who pursue advanced degrees? And yes, I can talk about sex, health, education, and sex health education for hours... Happy to see that after I showed up, an epidemic started with the plethora of fake nurses, LOL

Location: The Hottt South (you will find out the country where I am from when you call me).


Please see NF policy: I will not break TOS. I don’t do two-way camming (but I love to watch, LOL).


Pretty much ANYTHING else GOES that is not listed under DON’Ts.

RUB A DUB, FINGER IN THE TUB: My favorite session contains teaching instructions how to give prostate massage for yourself. There are many phonies out there, who immediately became experts and added this feature to their service, but only I have both hands-on and instructions by phone experience. Call PUSSY-LUCY and try it today.

Now for those who told me that "tall women must have small tits": I was looking for a picture with flipping that bird (I am sure you get what I mean), but I could not find a nice one. Instead below is a much nicer one. Note that it might be only somewhere between C and D cup (yet I am very proud of my twins), and not some shapeless J, ZZ, WWW beasts (yeah, beasts, and no, I am not envy at all!) or whatever is the largest cup, but mines are made up by exclusively PURE breast tissue containing neither implant and nor fatty tissue that is hanging all around while hitting the knees, and which generally accompanies a larger body (weight).

Personality (not split, like my pic above and below, LOL):

  • Adult, mature, responsible, funny girl taking the game seriously when needed
  • Can be VERY demanding, but very permissive/submissive at times, too
  • Nice and kind, but at the same time nasty and bitchy – it ALL depends on YOU!

My Promises:

  • My ultimate goal is your satisfACTION
  • REAL woman (was not constructed by surgery or hormones)
  • REAL accent (it was just a warning, LOL), NOT a fake accent, like suddenly many claim to be (Eastern) Europeans
  • I am the only one who answers this line all the time
  • You can always negotiate with me
  • I can give really good instructions over Skype/Yahoo (but I am NOT an exhibitionist)
  • Your call will never wake me up, because I log out when I go to sleep
  • I reply to every e-mail (but I have a job, so it might take longer especially when I am not online)
  • I will learn Photoshop, so I can make bigger boobs for myself – at least virtually
  • I am not raising my rate during the call or while you are trying to call me back
  • I will give my Yahoo and Skype IDs FREE, BUT only when you call me (I will not mail it anymore)
  • I will take every call and never hang up on anyone

Interested in:

  • MEN
  • MEN without fantasies who dare to be led
  • MEN with great fantasies
  • Sissies are welcome, too

Likes (shoes baby, shoes!):

  • Horny men
  • Men who just want to talk about their day - GFE - girlfriend experience (even with no sexual intention)
  • Raise the rate/taking control over your fat (or skinny) wallet
  • Tease and denial
  • Mutual masturbation
  • Guided masturbation
  • Orgasm control
  • Domination, SPH/SCH, humiliation
  • Tickling
  • Foot and shoe worship
  • ASK FOR MORE if you don’t see the one you are looking for


  • DRUNK MEN (a few drinks are OK)
  • Endless mail exchanges with no follow-up phone call
  • Those who keep complaining even they have been treated with nothing else, but respect
  • I will not instruct anyone to do something that potentially can be harmful AND would not do it to myself
  • One-minute callers (unless you were left here from the 18th century or the part of some alien invasion project)
  • Not speaking up on the phone and expecting me to borrow a type II. cochlear hearing from a bottlenose dolphin to sense and understand frequencies over 20 kHz, then hanging up on me when I ask to repeat the last sentence
  • Unable to spell such basic word like mastUrbation, LOL

Why am I here?

  • Crossing my legs instead of spreading them? NOOO!
  • Fun
  • Erotic sessions
  • Expand my sexual fantasy
  • Decrease my limitations (if any had before)
  • Learning more about MEN
  • To enjoy this whole journey with you
  • Making money on the side

We are in the same boat: your secret will be safe with me.

I promote only this listing, but feel free to check out other listings, too by clicking on my name.

Please don’t ask my name, I will not tell you.

For appointments, feel free to send me a mail through NF. If you like my profile, don't forget to add to your favorites to locate me easier.


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