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Angelic Angie

☎♥ Sweet Girl Next Door.. isn't so innocent ♥☎

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What's up, Naughty MEN?! My name is Angie and I have been babysitting for you and your wife for quite a few years now. I wonder if you have thought of doing your kid’s babysitter before? *giggle* You have seen me laying out at your pool and I know you watch me like a hawk, I can feel your eyes all over me. You think I don’t see you watching me but I do. Just because I am young, doesn’t mean I don’t know what my young, hot, tight body can do to a man’s mind and how they lust after me. Don't let that little innocent face deceive you because I do not have alot of limits and I love to get nasty. I have all of these naughty, dirty, nasty thoughts but nobody to share them with. :(

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Oh how I love to go out dancing with my friends and I love teasing the boys my age by rubbing my lil ass up against them.. getting them soooo hard and worked up on the dance floor. They just know they are going to get some of LiL Ole' Me, but nope..I want you... Maybe one night after partying, I can come over and sneak in your bed while your wife is gone, I mean I already have a key to your house since I babysit for you… What she doesn’t know, won’t hurt… right? I know you don’t get it much at home since she travels a lot for work and since I am right next door… You can have me anytime you want.. What do you think? Wanna have some naughty fun?

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Buy My Stuff and Spoil Me.. I have been such the goooooood girl for you :)

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