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Hi there, guys. This is Lela. I'm very pleased to meet you! Let me tell you a little bit about me. I'm a naturally dominant woman in my early-30s who's fairly used to people following my lead. It has always been something that's happened so effortlessly that I hardly realized I was doing anything. So you can imagine how my life changed when I realized I could harness that dominant energy and intentionally use it to lead people, particularly men.

Before you get the wrong idea about me, though, I should point out that I'm not manipulative or self-seeking with my dominance. I'm merely a lady who knows what she wants and knows the best way of going about getting it...and what I want is pleasure and excitement for the both of us.

My style is very sophisticated and sensual. I prefer gentle requests to shouted demands. My hands and voice are like velvet and will guide you to places you've never imagined, even in your wildest dreams.And that is exactly how I look at my form of dominance: It's guidance. It satisfies my need to dominate men, and it helps you get your needs fulfilled as well. That's the way it's supposed to be in my world.

While I enjoy all forms of sensual domination, I must admit that I have a very special place in my heart for cuckolding fantasies. Like most women, I enjoy making love to a man with a big cock. But unlike many women, that doesn't mean that I think a man who isn't so blessed in the penis size department is useless. Au contraire. Less-endowed men almost always make excellent cuckolds and creampie cleanup boys.

Intrigued yet? Good. I would love to help you explore all your sensual phone sex fantasies.