Phone Sex

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Ignore line specially for the biggest losers...!

I will drain your wallet and milk it dry!

Call my ignore line now, you will have a glimpse into my Goddess lifestyle. You will hear me going about my daily life while you pay to eavesdrop on it.

I may be sleeping, I may be eating, I may be training at the gym, I may be with my friends, I may be spending time with my real man, you may hear the ‘tap, tap, tap’ as my exquisite fingers type out my next blog post, you may hear me relaxing and watching TV or listening to music....if you’re very very lucky you might hear me spending your money or even acknowledge your pathetic existence by ridiculing you and laughing at you with my friends.

All the little details you hear (if you pay attention and listen long enough) will enable you to serve me better.
You’ll try not to think of me but you can’t stop. Like your first crush I will consume your every thought, and the only way to satiate your desire is to call or tribute.

My ignore line is one of my favourite things to do as it feels to me that it is a genuine expression of the Financial Domination fetish. It excites me to know that I am draining your wallet while I know you’re there but choose to ignore you... you are at the other end of the line hanging off every sound as you listen in to gain little details about my wonderful life.

All the while, you are NOT permitted to touch your silly little dicklet. Hahaha!