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Punk Princess Kellie

♛ Princess Kellie's Boots are made for LOSERS ♛

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My name is Princess Kellie and I love being treated like the Princess that I am. Don't think Disney princess, though--think Xena--because I am a Princess who loves wearing my leather boots and watching submissive sissies like you kneel at my feet. If you are a good sissy, I may allow you to lick the top of my boots, and if you are one of these pathetic groveling sissies I may treat you to a hard kick in the nuts before you get to work licking my boots. I can't wait to see that pathetic look on your face after my boot hits your balls for the first time, and don't be surprised if I drive the point home by grinding my boot heel into your aching scrotum until you squeal like a little girl.

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When you call me (and you WILL call me), you will have a chance to work yourself into my good graces. You should understand, though, that I do enjoy having my playthings entertain me, though. It always makes me smile when a dumbshit like you calls me to let me know that he has inserted a butt plug in his ass and is eagerly awaiting my next instruction. The more toys you have available when you call me, the better my mood will be. If you follow my instructions exactly, you might even get a glimpse of my hot pussy or my perky breasts, but if you don't then you will probably just end up with a sore nut sack with a bootprint on it. In any case, always remember that this Princess only punishes and humiliates losers like you--I don't fuck sissy bootlickers, but I do love hearing them suffer.

You will worship me, and if you please me I might even let you rub that pathetic little nub between your legs. The first thing you need to do if you want to stay in my good graces, though, is CALL ME NOW!!!

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