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i might not always be alone... but cum over anyhow

I am
but please feel free to just call me 'Michael' when you dial today.
The reason I use the name SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is because I intend to do things a bit different here in this listing. I want to give you the utmost confidence that I am willing and able to deal with whatever filthy horny little fuck fantasy has you all hot and bothered today. I realize that there are so many flirts here for you to choose from among... and I am sure that they are all good in their own way... but I am supremely confident in my personal ability to understand exactly what you might be desperately hoping for and I can definitely deliver the goods so for your own sake I simply must make a Satisfaction Guaranteed promise now to bring you home. This is the reason why I am promising that I will mail out 5 free mins of talk time to each and every single one of you that takes the leap of faith as well as the few minute of your time necessary to write me with a request in email for this offer of mine.

You heard right, I am willing to give you free mins of time to talk to me right this very minute and all you have to do is email me with the request

I know I am the best and I am not afraid of your test. I will roleplay all the hot kinky little perverted fantasies that you have rattling around in the head... and discuss with you the filthy cock-stiffening wet dreams that have been haunting your every waking hour. Whether you want a wife/girlfriend to be taking on some big black cock... or you might be wanting to suck the dicks yourself... whether you can't get enough smelly, sweaty feet... or want to get shrunk to the size of a dildo... and whether you want a new best friend or some asshole that is going to rape your wallet it is all just part of the same grand 'game' for me. It all comes down to whatever floats your boat. You won't find any horrified high-morality judgement from my end of the line. You won't hear me saying that I have no fucking clue what you are talking about. I have been around to all the same deviant little corners of the world that you have been... and a lot of ones that you probably never even had a clue existed yet.

I can't make a promise that I will be the ultimate flirt for every single caller that tries me today because taste is always a subjective matter... but I will make a SATIFACTION GUARANTEE because I am willing to do the first 5 mins free and please don't feel crap taking advantage of my offer. I think most of us here know that sometimes money is tight out there. I think most of us here treat this opportunity important and respectful and offer up all the talents and skills we have to make it worth your time to do a dial. Ultimately, you do get value for your troubles here. This is a new listing for me but I'm not new at doing this gig. I have been working a second listing as Michael Wolf now for a few years. You can see all the five star feedback I have there if you wanted more insight into who I am and what I am about. I do take this business serious... I take your needs serious... I put everything I have into making sure you get taken care of when you call me today. This is a new listing and I want to give it an opportunity to grow so I can end up making some money with it. You have an opportunity here now to take advantage of my 5 free mins offer. I can't do the dialing for you and I don't know who to send the free mins to though until you make the next move yourself here. You are going to need to write me the request now... or hell, you can call me up. Because either way, I am SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!