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Goddess Ali - Be prepared to be humiliated bitch

Your Goddess

Loyal and worthy slaves, will serve me at my command. Once you enter into my realms, you will be at my beck and call! I adore having a pathetic slave worshiping my perfect feet, being ignored as My foot stool or being verbally humiliated and spat on! I will beat the shit out of you, simply for my pleasure and will drain your wallets for my comfort. Once you are mine, expect to be completely controlled.
My name is Goddess Ali. This is how I must be addressed. If you don’t believe in female supremacy, then FUCK OFF, you're not welcome!!!

I'm naturally dominant and you can see this by the affect I have on most people, you can instantly see the effect my presence has on others. They naturally want to please me and serve me without being asked! It’s a gift I was born with and I WILL use it to my advantage.

Also, I'm hot, which only adds to you wanting to submit. Beauty is however worthless without intelligence, confidence, dominance and a strong personality, which I of course possess!
I’m looking for worthy sluts and bitches to enhance my life. DO NOT waste my time if you are not prepared to spoil me. I'm not begging for money! it's a privilege to spoil me. It is my right as a perfect Goddess to be treated as such.

Remember, at all times that the privilege of my time and the privilege of spoiling me is the best gift you could ever receive. If you believe this is the natural order, you will have no problem with my demands!
I am looking for slaves that I can control over niteflirt, who I can control and humiliate. There seems to be a lot of "Dommes" who get a lot of flack for only being Dommes to make money! It is true a lot of these "Dommes" have seen an opportunity to milk pathetic losers even though they are not naturally dominant or have no real love for the lifestyle! However hats of to them if you are stupid enough to hand over your hard earned money to them - YOU DESERVE TO BE RINSED!


Do you want a beautiful young women to take complete control of every aspect of your life - As of yet, i have never manage to have a slave that could be totally micromanage... You willing to be the first? you will ring me in the middle of the night, tell you when you can eat, talk and perform any functions! I will control your finances and diet! You will be totally free of all decisions!
Nothing turns me on more then a grown man truly giving me access to all a man's personal information! Telling me all your deep and dark secrets in order to give you an incentive to obey my commands - Not for the faint hearted, i take consensual blackmail very seriously!


In the traditional sense, cuckolding with never apply to you and I because you are no way worthy or lucky enough to marry me.
However in the fetish and BDSM world the word cuckold has been giving a sub-meaning that it describes fantasy a sub may have involving his Mistress. Where as originally a cuckold would be the husband of the woman who was cheating on him, I take it to mean, where a slave is serving both me and my lover whilst we engage in sex and love. This may include forced bi situations, chastity and  clean up duty


From the moment you enter into this agreement I will control all of your orgasms. I will delight in locking you into chastity and taunting you with the keys. I intend to keep you in a very highly aroused state while you are in no condition to do anything about it. This will teach you control -something I am sure you are lacking. I will not permit early release without severe punishment and fines. This is a commitment. I expect you to make your sincerest effort.


Worship My Feet

Foot worship is not only an intense fetish in its own right, but is a big part of the Domme/sub relationship! The foot, the lowest part on your Goddess's body, but yet still higher in stature to you. Still more important and the only part of your Goddess's body that you get to touch! Not that you deserve it, however it shows the natural order... The top part of you, level with the lowest part of your Goddess! Worshiping the ground I work on is no longer meant figuratively, it is a LITERAL ORDER!

I love relaxing and resting with a slave kneeling at my feet slowly massaging and caressing them. If the slave is lucky I may let him lick them clean! This however is a reward for obedience and good work! It is a pure privilege that a slave’s tongue is allowed on any part of my body.

Beg me to be allowed to lick and worship my perfect feet Bitch!!!