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The Cult of Bebe. Seductive mindfuck.

The CULT of Bebe

A tribute to your Goddess before proceeding, please!

My name, BEBE stands for "Baddest Bitch", however, you will address me only as “Princess”, “Mistress”, “Ma'am”, "Goddess" or “Madam”... if you ever get so lucky...
I'm a 21 year old Princess with priorities other than talking to losers and peasants like you all day. I'm THE baddest bitch on NF.

Guys want to be with me and Girls wish they could be me.
I am the "IT" girl that is going to get into your head. And guess what? You are going to offer ME everything you own because I'm Blonde, Beautiful, and PERFECT.
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I do whatever I please, so expect your wallet to take a beating.
If you think you're man enough to tame me (HA) I'd love to see you try, then laugh in your face when you FAIL! Hahahaha LOL! ROFL! God, you're so stupid...

I may look sweet and innocent but I am really a spoiled bitch and YOU dont deserve a minute of my time.
I am popular, cool, and IN DEMAND -- you will be PROUD to be considered one of my playthings.
I will bust your balls for fun and have a good laugh while I'm at it.
You will fall in love with my raspy bitchy voice.
I've always been a dominant female, the definition of a femme fetale. Like a praying mantis, I use you and abuse you, leaving you for dead.
I'm not attracted to YOU, I'm attracted to your DEEP, OPEN pockets. Fool!
I will go slow with you at first because I know you aren't that smart (*duh, your sissy cock is throbbing right now, doing all the thinking for you). Soon, you will begin to discover things about your pathetic self you never knew before you were with me... You will become helpless and obedient at my whim. I will tease and torture you until you're broke, and then I will walk right out with my brand new Gucci using you as a doormat on my way out! Slut!

Want to worship my perfect tits?

I love slutty boys and sissy bitches, and when I find you, I will control every aspect of your shit existence. I will train you and manipulate you to SERVE ME AND ONLY ME. YOUR GODDESS, BEBE.
Then after I'm finished with you, I'm going to fuck my hot boyfriend, but you wont get to see the pictures. You dont deserve that.
Face it, you want to be in my life because you can't help but fantasize what a day in my fabulous shoes would be like. Uh, no! Ew. You're gross.

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Financial Domme ♛ Wallet Rape ♛ Humiliation ♛ Forced Intox Games
♛ Young Dominatrix ♛ Cuckold ♛ ATM ♛
Foot Worship ♛ Princess ♛ Money Slave ♛ Femdomme
♛ Mindfucking ♛ Ball Busting ♛ Slavery ♛ Mean Girl

I WILL ignore your calls, because I do not fucking care.

I OWN YOU!!! Don't forget it.
XOXO, Bebe

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out!