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Try to get my attention LOSER! *IGNORE LINE*


**Being Ignored is a Total Mind Fuck**

Hey loser! Don't act so surprised, being ignored is nothing new to you! I bet you can't even think back to a time when gorgeous women didn't ignore you on a daily basis. This is the reality of your life. You are a useless loser with nothing to offer the Supreme Gender.

I am superior to you in every way. Accept it. You will never be good enough. The only reason a Woman like Me would even allow you to listen to Me BREATHING is because you are PAYING Me!!! How fucking pathetic! You should be so lucky if I even utter one word to a disgusting worm like you.

You can try to beg, plead with Me to give you the time of day. I love when you degrade yourself deeper than you ever thought any human being deserved. Show Me you understand just how meaningless a prick like you is to a Goddess like Me.

Show Me you understand the only things I want from you are:

*A Good Laugh
*Worship and Adoration
*Gifts and Presents
*Your Hard Earned CASH!!!

Get down on your knees, pig. Pick up the phone and call Me NOW.

When you call My ignore line, you might catch Me:

*Having a slumber party with My girlfriends
*Getting ready for a date with a real man
*Filming a femdom clip
*Doing a session with one of My slaves
*Relaxing at home with a glass of champagne
*Dancing at a crazy party
*Traveling all over the country

My life is so much better than yours! Call Me and get a glimpse into a life of excitement and luxury. You wish you were worthy, loser!!!

***Spend, Spend, Spend!!!***
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