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American Geisha

Indulging My Eccentricity at Your Expense.

I'm not going to claim that I'm a princess who wants your money to pay for shopping trips, flashy cars, and upscale spa days. I'm certainly not a saucy young girl who trots around in lingerie and tight fetish clothing.

It is not about your standard of luxury. It's all about mine.

What I am is a very intelligent and eccentric woman. I would rather be at a museum than at the mall. The type of car I drive is of little importance to me. My idea of a dream vacation involves diving with great white sharks. I wear whatever I damned well feel like wearing.

However, my pastimes are far from common and inexpensive. Your feeble little mind will spin when I tell you the stories of my adventures that you financed or send you photos of myself enjoying your gifts. You know that I deserve to enjoy my life to the fullest and that you exist only to provide the means for that.

I know that you are not just a cash machine to be drained quickly and then discarded. You may be dull and ordinary, but I understand what you desire. You crave for me to take control of that which gives you worth and use it for my pleasure. You want to give me everything you have and struggle to provide even more. You yearn to be kept in your place and taught some new habits as you take each step closer toward your utter ruination.

Above all, I am not "cheap".

You may have noticed that there are no photographs of me for sale here. I simply do not see myself as being a vending machine for your pleasure. I only give photos to individuals who actually deserve them. If I'm going to take some time out of my day to have pictures taken to indulge someone's desires, you can be certain that he has been working very hard to fulfill mine.

Indulge me.

The gifts I receive tell me a lot about the sender. I believe that a slave who is completely devoted to my happiness will go through any amount of hardship to send me a worthy gift.