Phone Sex

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Pay up boys...*Ignore Line*

Let's get one thing straight boys: you are here to serve Me. I'm a 5'11" tall blonde Goddess with sexy hourglass curves and legs for days. You wish you could be in my presence and have my undivided attention but alas, you just aren't deserving and you know it...

I take exceptional delight in draining your wallets while going about my day. This is primarily an ignore line so there's a distinct possibility I won't reply to your pathetic attempts to gain my attention or approval. You will pay for the privilege of listening as I do everything from sleeping and showering, to running errands, watching tv or hanging out with my sexy roommate, to webcamming or fucking my Man or Girlfriend....straining to hear the sound of my laughter as I mock and berate you for the dirty little boy you are.

You feel your heart rate pound as you watch the money slowly ebb from your bank accounts and flow into mine as you wait in anticipation...will I have an assignment for you today? Will I watch you perform for me on camera and explain to you all the reasons why you'll never be good enough for a Goddess like me? Will I hang up on you and raise the rate if I'm feeling playful? Or will I just ignore you altogether? Either way, all is right in the world, because your hard-earned cash is exactly where it should my hot little hands!