Phone Sex

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Sweet Delilah

Talk to me about anything ♥ Geeky girl next door

Hello there, boys...

My name's Delilah and I've been a PSO around Niteflirt since 2013. You may call me Dee. At one point this was my kink and RP line, which I loved to do. Sadly, between college and my personal life I don't have the luxury to take calls like I used to.

You know what I can manage, though? Niteflirt mail. <3 Which is obviously far cheaper for you...

I know a lot of you are here for S-E-X, but in my line of work I know your deepest, darkest secret: A lot of you guys are just lonely and need an open ear. I can help you with that.

Do you have a kink you're having trouble talking to your girlfriend or wife about? Does it make you feel ashamed that you might have desires some people think are "Taboo"? Come talk to me and I'll help you work through it. I'm a college student studying human sexuality and gender, so these topics and helping people honestly interest me. Tell me your fantasies, what you want out of life. Let me help.

I love talking about sex!

Ask yourself... Do you need another meaningless jerk off, or is your time better spent on having a /real/ conversation?

I'm also here if you're just loney. You want to talk video games? Movies? Here's my deep, dark secret. I'm a geek. On my weekends I'm in the Commonweath taking out Deathclaws. I wish I was Bayonetta. <3 I haven't found a group to play a proper World of Darkness game with me in forever.

I'm intelligent. I can keep up with you. If I don't know something, I'd love for you to teach me about it.

All I ask for is a tribute here and there. Buy me lunch once in a while, help me pay a bill or some rent. (College... is... expensive...)

I'm not a therapist, but I am a sensitive, caring, mature (yet I can get so fuck'n bubbly if you get me on the right topic!) young lady. Shoot me a mail. We'll talk.

(And, yes, I still do Fin!Dom and a little feet stuff... What can I say? I have great confidence and I know I'm a fuck'n Goddess. ;)