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Want to help pump and milk my 44DD breasts?

Hi there! I'm Katy - a busty BBW with big, luscious 44DD's just begging for attention... LOTS of attention! They love being played with, massaged, bound, sucked, fucked and yes, pumped! I'm really into guys who are really into breasts.

Cum play with me while I pump my breasts with my electric pump...I’ve just begun to pump my breasts very regularly and it’s driving me crazy! The sensation is SO hot and it is making me so aroused and wet and I just seem to stay horny all the time. I really want to find someone that will play with me when I am pumping… or even when I’m not. I find it very exciting to talk to a man that has been looking at the pictures of my milky white big boobs and is totally turned on by them… gets my nipples hard just thinking about it!

I think big soft white breasts leaking milk are very sexy and so I’m trying to pump every 3 hours with the hope that I will begin lactating. I never expected that pumping would have the amazing side effect of arousing me so much… and keeping me so horny! After several hours I feel my breasts start to ache a little and my nipples get hard and sensitive and I know it’s pumping time…very erotic, naughty and hot all at the same time.

I'm new to NiteFlirt... this new continual sexual arousal has brought me here looking for someone to play, and cum, with. I have always loved phone sex but now I’m craving it. I want someone to share the experience with… someone who wants to hear my purring and moaning as the breast pump gently sucks on my nipples… someone who will whisper in my ears that they wish it was their mouth sucking on my nipples instead...someone who will cum very hard with me. Mmmm. Ideally I’d love to find someone that will help keep me on schedule… make my milking times far more exciting and hot. Or maybe someone who wants to bond as my nipples are being suckled.

I have quite a selection of toys that I love to use… I always play with myself when I am pumping… and not just because I’m always aroused doing so. But, I want to train my breasts and nipples to be in total sync with my pussy…. so that when my pussy gets excited, my breasts ache and start to leak…or if my breasts are stimulated, my pussy gets wet (quite Pavlovian!).

A few other things… I’m sexually submissive by nature, but I can enjoy fantasies without it and can be a little Dominant if that’s what you enjoy. In terms of breast play, I also enjoy having my udders milked (hucow or hu-cow)and wearing my cowbell, milkmaid, and breast bondage. Just a reminder that not only does NiteFlirt *not* allow talk of incest (i.e. mother/son) or infantilism/AB, I'm not into them either so please respect that and don't call me for this rolepaying. Otherwise though I’m pretty wide open… so if there’s something you are unsure about, feel free to email me too.

If breasts aren't your thing (or pumping)... no worries! I really do love all kind of playing - even though this profile is focused on my breasts, I’m actually quite kinky and slutty (even a whore at times) and enjoy a variety of things.

I am going to be posting lots of pictures soon (some nice ones of me pumping, or on all fours with udders hanging down, non-breast pictures, etc.)so please check back.

I hope to hear from you...the continual sucking sound of the pump is calling for you... can you hear it? If I’m not online, drop me an email and we’ll schedule a time.