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Training fags to Serve Real Men:

This is for those of you who self-identify as genuinely subservient faggots and complete losers.
You need and crave something more than getting off while someone else reminds
you how much of an idiot you are. We ALREADY know that, don't we?

You’re a faggot. You understand that. And you also know you need to serve,
to suffer and to sacrifice for the benefit of REAL MEN.
You know that is your true purpose, your reason for existing.

I’m here to train you and turn you into a more useful faggot than you were
before we started. This is for the fucktard that realizes it was born to serve others
and who is ready to begin the kind of no-holds-barred training that’s necessary to achieve this goal.
The kind of training that I bring to the table.

If this ISN’T you, I recommend you find someone else to tell your troubles to
instead of wasting My valuable time. There are plenty of very good “masters-for-pay” who will
say and do what you want. The difference with Me is that I’m not here to help you get off.
I’m here to train you to serve. And that’s why you’re here too.

About Me:

I am Master Chris. Training you retards is like a profession for Me. I enjoy what I do,
but more importantly I excel at it. The more I fuck with your head, the more you keep coming back,
begging Me to continue your training despite the unceasing and uncompromising humiliation
and the gradual yet steady loss of control you’ll experience. You’ll soon be thinking, every day,
how grateful you are that I even bother to give you a millisecond of My time and attention.

My interests and “areas of expertise” include: fucking with a faggot’s mind;
training slaves in humiliation, beneficial exploitation, and non-sexual servitude;
use of discipline, rules and protocols to instill proper submission and obedience;
assignment of menial tasks/projects; use of bondage and restraint in training
and serving situations; long-term chastity enforcement;
financial domination (especially control of a slave’s budget, allowance and expenditures);
and I totally get into devising, setting up and monitoring slaves in various
endurance challenges and predicament situations.

What you should do if you want My attention:

Before you call Me, you might want to send Me a respectful email, introducing yourself and
begging Me to give You some of My time. Include anything else you want to say that you think I should know.

Remember: you’ve got a shit load of learning and programming to endure before
you’re no longer just another useless faggot and instead a faggot truly ready to serve a Real Man.
This is gonna be FUN…for Me, that is!