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DragonLady Ming

Sometimes Seductive, Sometimes Sadistic

I know your head goes soft when you dick gets hard. This is just a small slice of my superior Asian wisdom, wisdom you crave by the bucket. Now you are even willing to fuck other people as a substitute, but it still leaves you wanting, needing, craving and obsessing over submitting to me – THE ULTIMA ASIAN GODDESS. What will it be like, you ask yourself, to down at my feet worshiping me and actually smelling my divine feet through my hose? What will I demand out of you just for that grace? Everything, fool, the answer to that is everything. You will be broken to my every whim. You will be trained as a man servant even if it takes a 24/7 chastity device to keep you snugly in line. I know you are a bitch, and as a bitch and animal you must have huge motivations to keep you loyal and obedient.

I have just the program. You will be dog trained, ass plugged and thrown in the kennel after a hard days’s night serving as an entertainment for my kinky friends. My guests will make demands on you and you will get stuck fulfilling their fantasies.

I will have broken you down this far via blackmail and sabotage. I am an expert. I leverage you and you continue to slide ever deeper into my control. It is a cycle that only ends when I toss you away, spent, and hunting for more prime male meat to consume and use.

This time, I only want sex toys to use in my brainwashing. Those you will buy ASAP and amuse me on a call. But after that, your whole life comes up for review and evaluation. You know you only really get hard for me and not straight women. I have already ruined you there.

Now it is just a matter of hooking you on my perversions. You are such an EASY SLUT! I have terrific control and it is reaching out for you.

I am magical, and you are under my spell. Kiss my Divine ASS!

Denying your blue balls any relief is the game, the by the minute game.

Deny me -- your balls will refuse to cum.

Obey me -- your balls will squirt.

None of your struggles can save you from the excitement that already corrupts you.

Mistress Ming Blackmail Contracts



Tribute $200

Tribute $100

Tribute $50

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