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♛ HRH Countess Cane; Dungeon Chamber Erotica

"I must also have a dark side if I am to be whole.'' - Carl Jung
The Seduction
We are finally in the dungeon together; you a willing captive, My domain. Surrounding us, the candles' flames flicker their provocative dance upon the chamber's stone walls. Intoxicating aromas fill the air; deliciously-seductive perfume, leather equipment, exotic incense. It is a sultry sensual evening, excitement abounds. The time has come; the hour of reckoning. Hedonistically ravenous, you have come to be fed that erotic POISON you CRAVE.
''Tonight, you shall serve and worship Me,'' I command you.''Yes, Your Highness,'' you respond... both of us undeniably understanding that like a cat with her sweet little imprisoned mouse, you're simply My plaything. Desirous of pleasing Me, you're eagerly willing to obey all; deeply lusting for the rewards -- that seductive titillation... that pain... that pleasure... that erotic POISON you CRAVE.
Our Erotica Adventure Begins... As protocol dictates your proper prostration, I tower over you; riding crop, collar, & unbreakable chain link leash in hand... the de rigueur symbols of your captivity, servitude, & complete submission. Thus, once I collar you, I begin to move about the dungeon chamber preparing for what is to come -- your demise, My entertainment... expecting you fully understand to remain still & silent until commanded otherwise.
My luscious raven mane sensually cascades to the waist of My tightly-fitted black leather dress. My garter'd & stocking'd shapely feminine legs and perfectly-pedicured high-arched size 6.5 stiletto'd feet present forth My 5'11'' -- quite intimidating for you to behold; a glorious erotically-powerful statuesque display of sinfully-seductive Alpha Femme Domina Vixen curves. Those of which command the utmost of attention, respect, & worship. So you relish those last moments left between us before the impending blindfold and gag to come, when you still have the privilege - but ONLY with My permission - to speak and sneak a peak at My deliciously stellar 41D-29-41... that erotic POISON you CRAVE.
Seduced? Desire immediate demise live-in-the-flesh? Call Me NOW.