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Domme Wife has been a member since 06/19/2007

I am a dominating wife ... I have to be ... let me tell you my story ....

I have been married for 15 years. I met my husband at church of all places. (That is probably why I never attend church now.) I was not a virgin when I was married, but we abstained from sex because “he” wanted to save himself for our wedding night. Well, thought that was pretty cool so I agreed ... like a fool.

On our honeymoon night, when he dropped his pants ... I was in total shock at the size of his penis. His tongue was longer than his pudgy disgusting cock, it looked more like a clit than it did a cock. I was so entirely disappointed, I immediately got dressed and went down to the lounge. I was pissed. Here I had been a "good girl", waited till we were married to have sex. Just the way the church was saying it should be done. But what do I get, I get a man with a dick smaller than my cigarettes. Hell no, I am not going to accept that. Almost a year with no sex, and now I was suppose to accept this cock. Oh hell NO!

Now, when I went to the lounge I can not say "I was looking for a cock". But I can say I was pissed and disappointed. I started drinking, lots of drinking. Then I met a sexy ass black man, he started flirting and I started thinking. I was thinking about how good it feels to be fucked, and how I haven't a dick inside me in so long. I leaned down and felt the “package” ... ha, ha ... just to make sure. Anyway, I told him my situation and invited him up to our room. He was more than willing to oblige me.

When I showed up to our honeymoon suite with this huge cock of a black man ... my husband was shocked of course. But I immediately took charge. I told him that I needed to be pleased by a REAL man with a REAL dick. Now, I can say that my husband did not stick around that night. He stormed out. I fucked the black cock and thought well that is that, the marriage will dissolved But that is not what happen, the next morning, my husband showed up at the hotel. He had spent the night walking around and thinking. We talked about my needs, and he accept my rules. Of course, while we were dating I had always been a little on the demanding side and I had noticed that he enjoyed it. So I guess for both of us it was just a way of taking it to the next level.

My husband follows EVERY order that I give him ... no matter what it is. Yes, I am a cheating wife, and YES, I AM IN CONTROL.

Call me and let me share my experiences with you.


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