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I am Denise. I am a mature woman, with mature thoughts and desires. I know how to please a man, but if you are expecting some tart on this end that is just going to moan and groan, try another flirt for that. I want a man who is going to have fun with me and allow me to have fun with him. I want a man who enjoys the who enjoys the whole act of sex, from the kiss to the last squirt of cum. I am not frigid by any means, and I am willing to discuss or role play most scenarios. I am not the woman to call with tow minutes left on your account and wanting me to just drop to my knees and suck your cock. I also am not one to drag on a conversation, I enjoy sex and want to have some fun with it so I like my calls to be around 10 to 30 minutes, giving both us us ample time to climax. I am more than willing to tell you the many many things that turn me on. I love men and everything about them. I love the manly men who swoop you up in their arms, to the sissises who melt in my arms. I have a wild imagination and vivid memory or my past experiences. So call me, Denise and let's share a climax tonight.

I am a smoker, so yes I do those fantasies. Call and let's light one up together.


I live in NY area but i do not meet internet men. Now that is not say I don't cheat on my husband, just not with men from the internet. I am blessed to live in a state that a surplus of hot men. Men who career driving and understand that neither us have time or desire for a relationship, it's all about the fuck. Although I would like to cuckold my man but I am sure he would be into it. I am not quite sure how to bring it up to him either. But I think it would be fun to add that to our marriage.

Hot Milf Denise is here to take care of your needs. I want to seduce you, train you, manipulate you. You will be my student and I will teach you will how to worship a woman's body and bring her pleasure. You will learn how to totally surrender to a beautiful woman. You will learn that your desires come second, I cum first.

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